Portable Stainless Steel Autoclave Steam Sterilizer 18L

18L Stainless Steel Steam Sterilization Pot with built-in immersion heating tube as a source of heat, specific conditions, can also be external fire heating, pressure saturated steam sterilization disinfection, sterilization effect is reliable, nurturing light, use the method is simple, beautiful appearance, durable wait for an advantage, is the medical and health care, scientific research units for operation equipment, dressings, utensils, medium disinfection, such as the ideal equipment of superior quality and competitive price.


Name: 18L sterilization Autoclave
Voltage: 220V
Power: 2KW
Material: stainless steel
Capacity: 18L
Pot width: 34cm
High: 25cm
Packing size: 41 * 41 * 52CM
Weight: 18KG
Volume: 17.5KG

Step 1.Place the sterilizer on a flat surface.
Step 2.Open the lid, take out the inner tank of sterilizer (you can see the heating electric tube),add water to the heating tube above 3.5L, you must add enough water in time to avoid burning the electric tube due to lacking of water.
Step 3.Put those items need to sterilize into the sterilization room, you should keep gaps between the items. Do not block steam holes of the safety valve, air releasing valve, and finally cover the lid, tighten the screws.
Step 4. After the normal operation of the equipment, when the measured temperature reaches for 105 degrees, open the air releasing valve to discharge cold air inside the sterilizer. When the air releasing valve start going out a little hot steam, close the air releasing valve.
Step 5. When the steam pressure reaches 0.142-0.165MPa , the safety valve will start pressure relief work, in order to maintain a certain pressure.
Step 6. After sterilization, unplug the power cord. 3 minutes later, open the air releasing valve, when the pressure gauges to zero, open the lid to discharge the remaining air.

Safety Measure and Maintenance
1. This sterilizer is steam pressure vessel so do not impact in using and forbid over pressure. If the pressure pointer of pressure gauge reaches the 0.165MPa and the safety valve does not exhaust, it should stop using at once and check up the safety valve.
2. The pointer should be at zero position before usage the pressure gauge, otherwise the gauge has been failure and it should repair or replace the gauge. The pressure gauge should be regulated 1~2 times per year, ensuring sensitiveness and correctness.
3.Gasket is easy to wear. If it does not wok well, see it whether become aging and hard, then replace it in time

Portable Stainless Steel Autoclave Steam Sterilizer 18L

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